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This sign just about sums up the local attitude toward nonsense of all types.

The area around Victoria Fall turned out to have a lot more than just falling water. Kath and I hiked out to a crocodile farm where they are raised for their meat and hide.

I highly recommend you sample the croc chili they serve there.

A view of the falls, Zambia on the right side and Zimbabwe on the left.

The mist is ever-present here. Pack a poncho.

Those tiny dots on the Zim side are people. That's how big this is.

Water cascades down most of the length of the falls.

This is one of the oldest baobab trees near the falls.

Several explorers carved their names in the base of the tree, and it is rare enough to justify an armed guard to protect from souvenirs.

A view of a younger baobab tree.

As the crocs at the farm grew larger, they were moved from larger to larger pens.

During mid-day, they moved from the water to the sun to the shade and back again, every 10 minutes or so.

The largest crocs that have not been slaughtered yet have the run of the place in the largest pond.

Circumcision, anyone?
The arid flora around the falls are a brilliant splash of color to the sandy ground.

Our hostel in Livingstone, Zambia, near Victoria Falls: Jolly Boys. Highly recommended.
The walking paths on the Zim side of the falls are lush, much like a rain forest, getting plenty of sun and a constant mist from the falling water.

Kath made a friend at the Jolly Boys hostel.
The chasm of the falls entices you to the edge... and almost over.

Kath and flowers near the falls.

We went for a ride on the Zim side. Check out the classy helmets.
Easy now, buckaroo...

truk and Kath at the falls. Autophoto.
One hell of a shower.

The lions at the croc farm were less than active.
Crocs roam the banks of the Zambezi.

Watch where you step!

Rush hour in downtown Livingston, Zambia...
...where monkeys guard the trash cans.

The mist at the falls creates a continuous rainbow.
When the wind kicks up, the falling water drifts down the chasm sideways.

Don't lay down. Don't take a nap...
Riding along the Zambezi, on the Zim side.

Above the falls, the Zambezi widens and breaks up into smaller streams before going over the edge.

Some brave souls jump from rock to rock, moving to small pools trapped in the center of the river.

Railroad bridge from Zimbabwe to Zambia, complete with ancient rolling stock.

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