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Waiting for the Baz Bus to get rolling again.

One of the cheapest ways to get around South Africa (especially the Garden Route) is on the Baz Bus. But this is not for those that value their comfort. They pack you in, and showers can be rare.

You've been warned.

Kath waiting for the Baz Bus.

The bus stops at a number of decent hostels along the route between Cape Town and Durban (as well as others).

Some of the hostels, like this one, will even treat you to a quick, free breakfast, hoping that you will hop off there and stay the night.

Not a bad trade.

truk waiting for the Baz Bus.

Sitting beside the Indian Ocean, feet in the sand, watching the sun rise, and waiting for some people to get to the Baz Bus on time.

Get a haircut.

Kath and I spent a couple of hours walking with elephants at one of the stops along the Garden Route.

This elephant is a baby, and it wants some love.

An eye the size of a coffee saucer, no kidding. Graceful in profile.

This one kinda looks like a kindly old man, doesn't he?

The guide lines up all of the elephants for every group that drove up in the safari van. Kath and I sat through a few of these.

The only thing between the petting tourists holding food and these gentle beasts was a small log. And occasionally, they would actually forget it was there and get whacked back across the log line.

Friendly little buggers.

When I looked at their ears, all I could think of were things like leather jackets, soft leather purses, a new pair of boots...

Not really, but the abundance of living hide was kooky.

A quick stroll through the brush they've picked clean.
If this is all their salad, does that make me a crouton?

Objects in the mirror are bigger than they appear.
In the South African tradition of turning objects normally used for, say, transportation into hostels, this train was a long, immobile hostel overlooking the ocean.

Cape Town | Garden Route | Jo'berg | Vic Falls | Stellenbosch