Sydney, Australia
June 11, 2002 - Sydney Opera House

truk and Kath were graciously loaned the use of a digital camera (Canon PowerShot G2 with 256 MB card) by Penelope Coombes, a new friend from Sydney. On a bright, sunny winter day, truk headed down to the Circular Quay area of downtown for a few quick snaps of the Sydney Opera House . . .

A lot of people have seen the Sydney Opera House in books, and a few have even been to Sydney and only viewed it from afar. This collection of photos gets "up close and personal" with the exterior of the building, revealing a several of the interesting angles you can get from walking between the different structures. And, yes, I was just playing with a digital camera.

Other than the photos below, check out this movie, shot with the same digital camera - Opera House Movie [0.53 Mb; 00:13]. It definitely isn't very exciting, though, and I compressed the original from the camera, so you will not be seeing raw footage.

Opera House Side View
Opera House Back
Opera House Back Far
Opera House Reflection
Opera House and Sydney City
Sydney Opera House Inside
Sydney Opera House Side Edge
Sydney Opera House Steps
Sydney Opera House Under
Sydney Opera House Tiles
Sydney Opera House Shell
Sydney Opera House Front
Sydney Circular Quay
Sydney Opera House Side
Sydney Harbour Ferry
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge Rivercat
Random Street Cow

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