January 2, 2002 - Tasmania - St. Marys

Cataract Gorge MapOn the way back to Launceston to meet the plane that would deliver us to Sydney, we spent the night at a working farm north of St. Marys, on the eastern coast of Tasmania.

We had to travel 10 kilometers down a dirt road to find this place, but it was definitely worth it.

A cold southerly wind blew up over the hill and chilled us to the bone, so we spent the evening in the Sky Cottage, relaxing in a parlor straight out of 1884, talking to some fellow travellers from Adelaide.

The perfect way to end the trip to Tasmania.

East Tas Movie
[3.3 mb; 2:43]

View some sheep, take in some
stunning views, and relax after a
long drive up from Port Arthur on
the way back to Launceston.

Punk Sheep

Some punk sheep that live on the farm.

Three dimensional mohawk.


Kath can't believe there are so many sheep.

Sky Cottage

This place was a true hostel.

You want a fire? Chop some wood. Yo mama don't work here...

They called it Sky Cottage for a reason. The views anywhere on the place were simply stunning.


Just because the place is a working farm doesn't mean it can't be pretty.

The owners are putting in some long hours, constructing several beautiful gardens, including these in front of the barn.


We stayed in the cabins, which back up to the sheep pen and a view of the valley and ocean.


An old plow.

Volcanic Peak

Two volcanic peaks tower over the property and are within walking distance.

They haven't been active lately, but you never know...

We never made it up to the top, but the 360 degree view must be amazing.


The view off of the cabin's back porch.


The ocean, looking up the coast toward Scamander.


I don't think I have ever seen a tree with more branches.

I spied at least two treehouses, and there might be more...


We watched a border collie work these sheep.

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