December 30, 2001 - Tasmania - Cradle Mountain

MapOn our way west from Launceston to Strahan, on Tasmania's wild west coast, we stopped to walk though a tiny bit of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area called the Cradle Mountain - Lake St. Clair National Park.

This is a rugged, isolated area of Tasmania where you can walk for days through desolate but breathtaking areas without seeing a soul. The Parks and Wildlife Service has a good website on Cradle Mountain, including a cool 3D map [Quicktime required] you can turn around and get an idea of how the place looks. Alternatively, have a look at a normal map.

While Kath, Larry, and Elaine circled Dove Lake on one side, I trekked off on his own, trying to find the middle of the Overland Track, a thin trail that leads across the park. I also wanted to find Crater Lake, which is supposedly one of the deepest, most isolated of the many lakes that exist in the crevasses in this region.

Cradle Mountain Movie
[5.0 mb; 4:02]

Witness the unbelievable beauty of the Cradle Mountain area, featuring Lakes Dove and Lilla, as well as too many peaks to count. Take a bushwalk with truk as he searches for the elusive shores of Crater Lake.

Mountain and Lake

A shot of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake.

Peaks The jagged edges of Cradle Mountain.
Dove Lake Dove Lake from the side.
Peaks Close Close up of the Cradle Mountain peaks.
Island in Dove Lake A tiny (and probably temporary) island in the middle of Dove Lake.
Basin Some tourists return from Dove Lake as I prepare to set off.
Lake Lilla My first glimpse of Lake Lilla as I crest the hill.
Lake Lilla 2 The shoreline of Lake Lilla.

Pretty surreal, eh?

Forest Wall Trees ring the edges of some hills along the way.
Floor Only strong, dry grasses survive here ...
Flowers ... and a few flowers.
Dove and Lilla Lakes A shot of Lake Lilla from the side and a sliver of Dove Lake in the distance.
Dove and Lilla Lakes 2 Another shot, this time with sun.
Dove and Lilla Lakes 3 Even higher up above Lakes Lilla and Dove.
Tree A gnarly tree on the side of an unnamed lake.
Wombat Pool Right beside the unnamed lake, you can see the wooden walking area build to protect the trail.
Trees A close up of the trees along the bank.
Little Pool This photo gives a good sense of how the lakes dot this area and drain into one another.
Lilla Overloooking Dove Above Lake Lilla looking down toward Lake Dove.
Brushland The valley below the lakes.
Bald Rock An old, bald hill.
Steep Face Further away from the hill.
Road Ahead The trail ahead leading up to the Overland Track.
Long Walk After climbing the hill and looking back.
Sign The sign pointing back to the carpark.

I made the "1 hour" journey back in about 20 minutes. Whew!

Fearless Bird A fearless bird I came along.

For a while, I thought it was going to attack me. Seriously.

Crater Lake Crater Lake, a huge, blue stretch of water hidden from the tourists below.

Notice the funky Australian tree towering over the lake one side but barren on the other.

Purple Clouds Looking away from Crater Lake into the bush.

No, this photo was not doctored in any way.

This walk was the first time I've ever seen purple clouds other than in a sunset.

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