Sydney, Australia
September 9, 2001 - Malabar, NSW - Apartment

Kath and I have moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Malabar, NSW, a suburb about 10 miles south of the Sydney city center. Our life of the past few weeks has been one of scrounging furniture that we could afford, and then scrounging some method of transportation to get the item back to our place. But, after a few days of struggle, things are finally starting to shake out.

Before moving into our own place, we lived with Katherine's friend, Dolly, in a flat about a mile away from the new apartment. Dolly and her children, Kristen and Peyton, were very kind to put us up, and we both sincerely appreciate their help as we began our life here.

Medium quality QuickTime movie that provides some idea of where we are living and what our largely unfurnished apartment looks like.

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