Sydney, Australia
September 2, 2001 - La Perouse, NSW - Peyton's Baptism

This was one of the first La Perouse community events Kath and I witnessed after arriving in Australia. In fact, as Katherine was selected by Lee (Dolly) Draskovic to be Peyton's godmother, the ceremony was delayed until the weekend after we flew in.

The baptism ceremony was held in the local Aboriginal Catholic church and featured native tools and instruments mingled with traditional religious items. The ceremony attempted to merge the two cultures in symbolism and ideology.

After the ceremony, the guests retired to the Yarra Bay Sailing Club for a reception, which lasted for several hours.

Baptism Movie
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I've compressed the heck out of this movie so that low bandwidth visitors can download it and view it. However, you can really see the loss of quality. Unfortunately, I don't have enough disk space on the hosting service to post a high-res and low-res version. If anyone is willing to volunteer some server disk space and good bandwidth, please let me know.

Peyton A close up of Peyton Draskovic.

She is wearing an Aboriginal headband, which was used as a part of the baptism ceremony.

Stephen and Lois Stephen Draskovic, Peyton's big brother, and Lois Linnell, Payton's aunt.
Kristen and Bunda Bunda and one of his daughters.
Foot of Altar At the foot of the altar, clap sticks, a didgeridoo (more properly called a yidaki), two shields, and two boomerangs played a symbolic role in the baptism ceremony.

Ceremony During the ceremony, Dolly held Peyton while Katherine looks on.
Mark and Peyton Peyton wore a special gown for the ceremony.
Kath and Peyton Katherine and Peyton in the middle of the ceremony.
Group At the ending of the ceremony, the participants stood together for a final photo with their candles.
Painting On the rear wall of the church, a large painting features native and religious elements represented using traditional techniques.
Flower I saw this cool plant flowering on the walk between the church and the Sailing Club.
Kath, Peyton, and truk Kath, Peyton and truk pose for a cheesy photo.
Tec Tec smoking.
Cake Peyton's cake.
Peyton, Margie, and Dolly Peyton, Margie, and Dolly pose before Peyton's gown is put away.
Mission Dog One of the ever-present mission dogs.
Karen and Kath Kath and Karen Linnell take in the party.
Dolly and Peyton Dolly and Peyton.
Mark, Peyton, and Kath Mark, Peyton, and Kath, as Kath gives her small speech at the reception.
Peyton's Presents Peyton rips into the presents.
Dance At the end of the party, with the adults worn out, the youngsters broke into spontaneous grooves.
Kath and Karen Kath and Karen.

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